Hazlet Township Education Association


President’s Message

A general meeting for all Hazlet Township Education Association (HTEA) members was held on MondayMarch 6, 2017, at 4:00 p.m. in the RHS North Lecture Hall.
The Nominating Committee presented the slate of candidates for the election of HTEA Executive Officers and Building Representatives for the 2017-2019 term of office.  The following unopposed candidates were unanimously elected.  
Executive Office:
President — Kathy Gotay
Vice President — Kim Barber
Treasurer — Patricia Pollack
Recording Secretary — Andrew Pollack
Corresponding Secretary — Kathy Tyler
Building Representatives:
RHS (3 positions) — Rory Clayton, Anthony Petruzzi, Eric Pritchard
HMS (2 positions) — Jim Cermak and Rory Marsh
Beers Street (1 position) — Felicia Gulachenski
Cove Road (1 position) — Jean Ronan
Lillian Drive (1 position) — Coleen Manginelli
Middle Road (1 position) — Angela Bischoff
Raritan Valley (1 position) — Ann Manning
Secretarial Representative:
Patty Caravaglio
NEA Representative (2 positions) — Kathy Manzo, Kim Barber
NEA Representative Alternate — Patricia Pollack
The following positions are still available:
Building Representative — Sycamore Drive
Building & Grounds Representative